Melo+Marl evolved from a desire to create 100% linen sleepwear for children. Over the last few years we have filled our home with linen and delight in sleeping in and between this beautiful natural fabric. It is so versatile and its unique character and characteristics add a depth and homeliness wherever it is used.

A career in fashion for over a decade has been exhilarating and exciting, however the fixation with price over design, fabric and its disposability is contrary to how we believe the industry should be leading the consumer. 

Melo+Marl believe in offering luxury linen for littles, well made garments that are timeless and can be handed down or treasured for future generations. We hope each wearer is enveloped with the softness of linen, which improves with age and wear and to be enchanted anew with our playful images that celebrate nature.